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Pay Per Click ad campaign optimization is crucial for success of digital marketing campaign. 

Google AD set up and Facebook Ad set up are two AD accounts that are managed by us for client’s lead generation. YouTube Ad and Video marketing funnel creation are our specialties which can generate more leads at a nominal cost at very effective way

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Conversion optimization for prospective lead generation is essential for success of digital marketing campaigns

Creation of unique eye catching attractive  headlines and creative Ad copies are essential to grab attention of potential visitors. Right Sales funnel converts the visitors to customers

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Our PPC experts create best Advertisement copy that are optimized for conversion. Digitapix conducts in depth research on the client’s niche and understand the latest market trend based on data. Our expert team makes decision based on market data and create best Ad copy

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Social media optimization is crucial is success of client’s brand. Our expert team create robust strategy that creates more awareness about the client’s brand in the market place

Regular management of social media trends and generation of content as per latest social media trends are the key  factors that our team focus.

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Carefully crafted PPC campaigns generate 334%  more return than non optimized campaigns. 

Monitoring of conversion, optimization of conversion are essential parameters for success of ppc campaigns. 

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Our expert team  set up client’s advertisement campaigns in Facebook, Google after conducting thorough research

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Over the years Digitapix has achieved expertise in creation of successful PPC campaign 

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Management of social media platforms through catchy content with latest trend offer to acquire more customers


SEO is the center of attention for the Digital marketing process

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Full SEO optimized and conversion optimized content are essential for success of a Digital brand

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