6 Best ERP Software to Boost ROI

Best ERP Software
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a type of management software that integrates day-to-day business processes. Enterprise Resource Planning software is used by companies to manage daily business activities like resource planning, sales tracking, employee payroll, etc.

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Enterprise Resource Planning software is used by companies to manage daily business activities like resource planning, sales tracking, employee payroll, etc.

A few of the core solutions offered by an ERP software are:

Financial management
Human resources
Project management
Sales orders
Warehouse management
Supply chains
Sales volume
Risk management
Inventory management

Why do We need ERP Software?

ERP software helps to get real-time insight into different core functions of your business.

To run the business efficiently, you need accurate data of core business functions, right?

Then, ERP software is the best solution.

Business leaders need to make important decisions to streamline the company’s activity

HR, Accounting, Inventory management, R&D, Production, Marketing, and Customer Relationship management is core functions of a business

Day by day business models is getting converted into a data-driven business.

For example, marketing and customer relationship management is more digital than conventional marketing.

Hard to believe!!

Social media marketing provides more insight for a consumer-centric business in comparison to B2B business.

But, the social media marketing data is not of much use if the data is not integrated with the sales and production verticals of the company.

As a business leader, you need to develop valuable business insights to grow the business

ERP software lets sharing of information from a single and secure database.

Finding out the best ERP software is a tedious process

However, a genuine comparison of all the features of the ERP software can help to select the best software suited for your industry.

Though several ERP products are available in the market, there is 6 ERP software that is widely used.


Sage solutions – a market leader in ERP

SAGE offers  Sage X3 enterprise software solution that meets complex business needs.

Sage ERP business management solution offers real-time financial management, business intelligence, supply chain management, and industry-specific solutions.

SAGE is one of the most promising CRM companies. SAGE brings an automated accounting solution that can help to grow your accounting business.

Be it inventory management, accounting, pay roll management or Chemical process management- SAGE has a solution for you.

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is a 365 Degree end to end ERP solution provider on cloud as well as within premises.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 contains 12 applications:[1]

  • Dynamics 365 Sales – Sales Leaders, Sales Operations
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Service – Customer Service Leaders, Customer Service Operations
  • Dynamics 365 Field Service – Field Service Leaders, Field Service Operations
  • Dynamics 365 Human Resource – Attract, Onboard, Core HR
  • Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations – Finance Leaders, Operation Leaders
  • Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management – Streamline planning, production, stock, warehouse, and transportation.
  • Dynamics 365 Commerce
  • Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation – Operation Leaders, Project Leaders
  • Dynamics 365 Marketing—Adobe Marketing Cloud, Dynamics 365 for Marketing
  • Dynamics 365 Artificial Intelligence – AI for Sales, AI for Customer Service, AI for Market Insight
  • Dynamics 365 Mixed Reality – Remote Assist, Layout, Guides
  • Dynamics 365 Business Central – ERP for SMBs

Microsoft Dynamics 365, a cloud-based solution that unifies CRM and ERP capabilities into applications

SAP Business One

SAP is one of the leading business management software for small and medium businesses.

While SAP was started as ERP solution company in Israel, now SAP is globally accredited business management software.

SAP offers several business modules as:

  • Administration, where the setup of the various core settings in the application are done
  • CRM, where common sales employee tasks link to the other modules (NB: The module is purely here for usability and offer no new features of its own) (only SAP 9.3 and higher)
  • Financials, where the definition of Chart of Account is set up and the core Journal Entries can be created
  • Opportunities, where Lead generation is used to keep track of potential Sales and Purchases
  • Sales – A/R, where the sales flow (Quotation > Order > Delivery > AR Invoice) are managed
  • Purchasing – A/P, where the purchase flow (Quotation > Order > GRPO > AP Invoice) are managed
  • Business Partners, where master data of Leads, Customer and Supplier are maintained
  • Banking, where payment of Incoming (sales) and Outgoing (purchase) payments are created
  • Inventory, where master data of goods to be sold/purchased are maintained and their quantity/value in warehouses are tracked
  • Resources, where master data of resources (machines and people) to be used in production are defined (capacity and planning) (only SAP 9.1 and higher)
  • Production, where Bill of Materials master data is maintained and Production orders are created
  • Project Management, where you define projects (what you do when) (only SAP 9.2 and higher)
  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP), where forecasts of needed items in sales/production are defined in order to make purchase order recommendations
  • Service, where management of service contracts are maintained and service calls are created
  • Human Resources, where employee master data (names, contact information, roles, etc.) are maintained

SAP has gradually eveolved from 1996 to till date.

SAP has now become integrated part of any small to medium business ecosystem.


Acumatica is comparatively new name in the domain of ERP.

Acumatica offers cloud based ERP solution. Though, quite young in ERP market but growth of this business vertical is significant is past 6 years.

Acumatica is a U.S. corporation with its global headquarters located in Kirkland, Wash., and offices in Ohio and Virginia.

Acumatica is billing you based on how much of those resources your particular instance of the app consumes.

The license fee is approximately $1,000 per month (billed annually) for a typical small business with a moderate number of simultaneous transactions.

Being a cloud based solution, Accumatica ERP solution can be opened from any browser.

In fact, Accumatica offers ERP solutiion, through a mobile app too.

In a nutshell Accumatica is digital ERP solution for small and medium sized clients

Accumatica can be coupled with Email marketing service to target and educate your clients digitally.

Oracle NetSuite

Netsuite is an Americal cloud based company which was later aquired by Oracle

Oracle Netsuite is one of the best ERP solution provider.

Oracle NetSuite is the #1 cloud business solution.

Notable Oracle NetSuite is the world’s first cloud company which was founded in 1998.

Oracle NetSuite, has more than 27000 global customers

From startup to entreprise, Oracle Netsuite has solution for every organization

Netsuite ERP is deployed through cloud and offers versatile ERP solution to manage diverse business accross 200+ countries.

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Best ERP Software
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6 Best ERP Software to Boost ROI

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a type of management software that integrates day-to-day business processes. Enterprise Resource Planning software is used by companies to manage daily business activities like resource planning, sales tracking, employee payroll, etc.

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